About Us


The vision of Bridge Community is to participate in a church-planting movement that reaches the City of Philadelphia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that the people of the city are changed in every dimension– spiritually, socially and culturally

Why “Bridge”?

Jesus is the bridge to God for people of all nations, drawing them together to be the new community of heaven on earth. Our hope is to be a community that continues to be Christ’s bridge by:

  • Connecting the suburbs and city through mercy ministry partnerships and church planting
  • Connecting people in our webs of relationships to Jesus by being salt and light
  • Connecting our hearts to God’s heart for the nations through ministry partnerships in Swaziland and North Philly
  • Connecting Christ’s people from different nations to be an illustration of “oneness in Christ”.
  • Connecting generations and families in team ministries
  • Connecting the power of prayer to people’s lives and the good news of the gospel

How You Can Pray

  • We will allow Jesus to lead and build His Church
  • We will be a people of prayer
  • We will have God’s heart for people
  • We will have a spirit of hospitality
  • The joy of the Lord will be our strength

Where are we?