Vision Statement

Bridge Community is a Church on a Lifelong Mission!

The mission of Bridge Community is to participate with Jesus in expanding His kingdom through the building of His Church both in the World and the City of Philadelphia as we live out of the truth, power and love of the Gospel.

Gospel Driven

Our “Core Values” reflect our desire to be Gospel Driven. Living out the Gospel guides our mission and strategy. These values define who we are and where we are headed.

The Gospel Changes Who We Are

     • A New Identity and Purpose In Christ

The Gospel Changes Our Lifestyle

     • Growing in Christ-Likeness
     • Nurtured Through Word and Prayer
     • A Loving Community (one-anothering, corporate worship and prayer, small groups, support groups, diversity, inter-generational)      
     • Every Member Ministry (stewardship)
     • Servant Leadership (pastor, elder/shepherd, organic leadership development)

The Gospel Compels Us Out

     Passion to Make Christ Known to the Nations
     • Being Salt and Light in our Relationships
     • A People of Mercy (a heart for the poor, needy, oppressed and for the city)
     • Church Planting

Why Bridge

We believe Jesus is the bridge to God for people of all nations, drawing them together to be the new community of heaven on earth. Our hope is to be a community that continues to be Christ’s bridge by:

     • Connecting the power of prayer and work of the Spirit too people’s lives and the good news of the gospel

     • Connecting Christ’s people from different nations to be an illustration of “oneness in Christ” by embracing diversity in our church family through a loving community

     • Connecting generations and families in worship and team ministries both in the city and internationally

     • Connecting our hearts, minds, resources, abilities and spiritual gifts to a lifestyle shaped by God’s Word and Kingdom agenda through worship, small groups and every member ministry

     • Connecting our hearts to God’s heart for the nations through ministry partnerships. Expressed currently with our work in Swaziland, with Karen Macha in Romania, with the VanDyken’s at TWR and with the Matthew’s at IJM

     • Connecting the suburbs and city through mercy ministry partnerships and church planting. Currently the work on Finney home in G-town, relationship with Visions of Mission and Cradle of Hope